Results 2013 NMU Jalgaon TY SY FY BCom Results 2012 1st, 2nd SEM - nmu.ac.in

NMU TY SY FY BCom Results 2012 1st, 2nd SEM - nmu.ac.in : 1.North Maharashtra University (NMU) has published Results for TY Bcom, SY BCom, FY BCom 2nd Sem Repeater, NMU FY BCom 1st Sem Fresher exam 2012 on its official website to update results - nmu.ac.in . NMU TY, SY, FY BCom exam was held on Few Months ago. Candidates can Check NMU TY SY FY BCom Results 2012 1st, 2nd sem from following given below link.

2.NMU results 2012 Exam - http://nmu.ac.in/en-us/studentcorner/examination/onlineresults.aspx

3.NMU TYBCOM Results 2012 (80+20) ONLY FOR INFORMATION - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/TYBCOM%20(80%2b20)%20ONLY%20FOR%20INFORMATION.pdf

4.NMU TYBCOM (CGPA) Results 2012 ONLY FOR INFORMATION - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/TYBCOM%20(CGPA)%20ONLY%20FOR%20INFORMATION.pdf

5.NMU FY B.Com 2nd Sem Repeater 2012 - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/FY_B.Com_Sem-II_Repeater.pdf

6.NMU FY B.Com 1st sem Fresher results 2012 (College Code 200018 to 280061) - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/FY_B.Com_Sem-I_Fresher%20(College%20Code%20200018%20to%20280061).pdf

7.NMU FY B.Com 1st sem Fresher results 2012 (College Code 170032 to 200006) - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/FY_B.Com_Sem-I_Fresher%20(College%20Code%20170032%20to%20200006).pdf

8.NMU FY B.Com 1st sem Fresher result 2012 (College Code 100001 to 110012) - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/FY_B.Com_Sem-I_Fresher%20(College%20Code%20100001%20to%20110012).pdf
9.NMU FY B.Com 1st sem Fresher results 2012 (College Code 110013 to 160031) - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/FY_B.Com_Sem-I_Fresher%20(College%20Code%20110013%20to%20160031).pdf
10.NMU SYBCOM results 2012 (CGPA) ONLY FOR INFORMATION - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/SYBCOM%20(CGPA)%20ONLY%20FOR%20INFORMATION.pdf

11.NMU SYBCOM result 2012 (80+20) ONLY FOR INFORMATION - http://exam.nmu.ac.in/online%20result/Commerce%20and%20Management/SYBCOM%20(80%2b20)%20%20ONLY%20FOR%20INFORMATION.pdf

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