HUDA Rohtak Result Website www.huda.nic.in & www.huda.gov.in


HUDA  Rohtak Result Website www.huda.nic.in & www.huda.gov.in

PUBLIC NOTICE It is hereby notified to the general public that the draw of lots of Sector 5 Rohtak will be held on 11.01.2013 at 10.00 A.M in Gymkhana Club, Sector 4 , Rohtak. All the applications under reserve categories are being considered subject to eligibility .They will have to deposit the required documents on their success in draw of lots. Further, it is notified that double/multiple applications found to have been made by an individual have already been rejected. However, if in draw of lots, double/ multiple applications are found of successful applicants at any stage, their allotment would be cancelled even after draw of lots. The objections were invited earlier many times and have been settled up to date. Any claim/ objection will not be entertained at this stage since sufficient opportunities have already been provided. The details of application No. , registration No. ,category and size etc can be seen on website
  • www.huda.nic.in
  • www.huda.gov.in.
 It is further notified that the applications of the applicants
who had applied in GSRQ – B category and Paramilitary category in one kanal size have been considered in General category since as per percentage of reservation of these categories, no plot comes out in 1-Kanal size in these categories
Estate Officer,
HUDA, Rohtak.
HUDA  Rohtak Result Website www.huda.nic.in & www.huda.gov.in


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